3 Door Hazards for Commercial Businesses


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Commercial businesses have a big responsibility to not only protect the integrity of their products, but also to ensure a safe workplace for their employees. To aid them in this process, commercial doors (of myriad types) are essential. Here are three commercial door hazards to be aware of and take action to prevent:

  1. Defective Fire Doors

Fire doors are mandatory in a number of commercial businesses, apartment buildings, industrial plants, and warehouses. These types of doors are designed to contain a fire to one area in the event that one ignites, mitigating the chances of flames or smoke damaging other areas. Fire doors that work properly can protect against property damage, and can also save lives, too.

However, fire doors that are ineffective, poorly maintained, or in need of repair may have the opposite effect. Broken fire doors could, in the worst of situations, lock an individual in, preventing them from exiting an area where a fire is raging. Or, fire doors could fail to drop, allowing flames to rapidly spread past the area of (intended) containment, causing injury and damage throughout the building.

  1. Dangerous Overhead Doors

Many commercial businesses types use overhead doors, particularly in warehouses. These doors typically allow for the loading and unloading of goods, and are an essential part of protecting products from the elements. Automated or manual overhead doors can pose a safety hazard if not properly maintained, and in the worst of cases may close or crash down on a person. It is essential to make sure that rollers, tracks, and springs are kept in good conditions, and that automatic reversal systems work as they are intended to prevent against injury.

  1. Ineffective Security Doors

Businesses use rolling doors, garage doors, and standard doors for security purposes with frequency. These doors are intended to keep intruders out, and to protect products and goods from thieves, as well as natural elements. Just like other types of doors, security doors may be vulnerable if they are not properly installed, maintained, or designed, putting your business and products at risk.

Preventing Commercial Door Hazards

The best way to prevent a commercial door accident from occurring is to ensure that doors are properly installed, maintained, and repaired when necessary. At Preferred Window and Door, we have more than 20 years’ experience in the commercial door business, and can do everything from commercial door installation to repair to fire door drop door testing. For a free quote to learn more, call us today at 708-895-3667.

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