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What Are AAADM Certified Technicians and Why Does It Matter?

05 May

What Are AAADM Certified Technicians and Why Does It Matter?

Posted Commercial Doors

When your commercial business is in need of a professional for automatic door installation, repair, service or inspection, typically for entry doors, it is important that you seek a professional who is AAADM certified. AAADM certification helps to ensure that the person who is inspecting your automatic door(s) has the skill set that the task requires.

What Does AAADM Stand For?

AAADM stands for American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers. The AAADM is “a trade association of power-operated door manufacturers established in 1994 to raise public awareness about automatic doors and administer a program to certify automatic door inspectors.” Those who are AAADM certified have committed to upholding safety principles, and are dedicated to staying abreast of new automatic door technology and more.

In order to acquire certification from the AAADM, an individual must participate in an AAADM Certified Inspector Training program. Prerequisites for the course include working in the industry for a minimum of six months, or working in the automatic pedestrian door industry for at least 90 days and have previously taken a factory training course.

Why Does AAADM Certification Matter?

For commercial businesses, ensuring that automatic doors are up to code and working as they should is essential. Not only can a mishap result in loss of time and productivity, but it can also be dangerous for customers and workers, creating a liability issue for your business. When you call an automatic door professional who is AAADM certified, you are calling an individual who is trained to repair, maintain, install, and inspect automatic door systems and their components, and ensure compliance with the latest safety standards. By not calling an AAADM certified professional, you are putting your business at risk, and may be making a decision that will cost you far more in the future.

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