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Why You Should Consider Aluminum Rolling Shutters

09 Aug

Why You Should Consider Aluminum Rolling Shutters

Posted Commercial Windows

Rolling shutters a top choice for commercial business in Illinois and Indiana. Aluminum rolling shutters are even more popular, and are used by myriad business types ranging from hospitals to retail stores. The following considers some of the benefits of aluminum rolling shutters, and why you should consider them for your commercial business:

Serving Diverse Purposes

Aluminum shutters are found in dozens of different business types and can serve a variety of purposes. For example, some businesses will use large aluminum rolling shutters as garage doors, whereas others will used them for security purposes for their retail store within an indoor mall. Furthermore, aluminum shutters can also be used in much smaller spaces; hospitals and pharmacies may use aluminum shutters to cordon off counter space and create a barrier between a receptionist and customer, server and client, pharmacist and patient, etc.

Because aluminum is a very flexible material, it is ideal for a variety of spaces and purposes. In fact, it can be constructed to fit nearly any frame size, ranging from very large – like a two car garage – to very small – like a receptionist window.

Energy Saving & Noise Reduction Benefits

Another big benefit of aluminum rolling shutters is that they provide both energy saving and noise reduction benefits. For example, aluminum shutters can help to regulate temperature control by preventing indoor air from escaping. Or, when used for outdoors spaces, aluminum rolling shutters provide some protection against rain and wind. Aluminum rolling shutters can also provide protection from the sun, too.

Break in Protection

While aluminum is not the strongest material, it is certainly better than nothing. Putting up aluminum shutters may help to reduce the risk of a break in by deterring thieves from going to the hassle of cutting the aluminum to enter.

Get Your Aluminum Shutters Now

When compared to many other materials, aluminum is also relatively inexpensive, too. Aluminum shutters are easy to install and maintain, and are easy to repair in the event that something does go wrong.

At Preferred Window & Door, we have helped businesses with their aluminum shutter needs since we went into business more than 20 years ago. If you have questions about aluminum shutters, want to explore your shutter options, or want us to come out to your business to take a look at the best security options for you, we are ready to help. To start, contact us online or call us at 708-895-3667.


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