Automatic Door Opening Systems Keep People Moving


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Automatic doors are everywhere. It seems that you can’t enter a shopping center without the doors opening magically before you. However, it’s not magic. There are hidden systems at work that insure that the doors open before you reach them. These systems include pressure sensors, infrared sensors and other motion detection technologies to open and close an automatic door.

Automatic Doors With Pressure Sensors: Some automatic entry door systems utilize an opening system that depends on pressure. These systems usually have a pad that is placed on the ground in front of the doorway and are activated by the weight of a person standing upon them. Once a person walks onto the pad, the door opens. Once the person leaves the pad the door will close. Other pressure sensor automatic doors have a push plate that one must push to activate the door.

Automatic Doors With Motion Sensors: Many automatic doors today are outfitted with motion detection sensors. These opening systems incorporate infrared, microwave, and ultra sonic motion sensing technology to open doors for pedestrians. Infrared works by detecting temperature differences to operate the automatic door. Microwave and ultrasonic technology are radar based automatic door opening systems. These systems rely on a person activating the door by walking in between the path of invisible “waves” and disrupting the return pattern. This disruption activates the door.

Advances in technology have led to a variety of automatic door opening systems. In fact, some doors utilize more than one style to reduce the risk of the door not opening. Preferred Window and Door of Lynwood, Illinois offers installation and repair of all types of automatic entry door opening systems. If you are interested in providing easy, automated access to your facilities, or require a repair to your current system please visit our website or call us today at (708)251-4883 or (219)595-9680.

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