Automatic Doors Aren’t Just For Super Markets And Hospitals


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More and more businesses and organizations are turning to automatic doors for convenience, energy efficiency, and aesthetic reasons.

Automatic entry systems have provided universal access to millions of people since 1960. We often take for granted the ease of entry that these entry doors grant us because they have become commonplace throughout our society. It seems that automatic doors are everywhere including supermarkets, malls, airports, medical facilities, government buildings, and even churches. These doors are welcome sights to the elderly and the physically disabled. While automatic doors do help people with mobility issues, they are a modern convenience that has truly made our lives easier. These entry systems not only keep people moving in and out of buildings, they also contribute to the overall energy efficiency of a structure.

Automatic doors have advanced greatly since their inception. These doors now offer new sensor technology as well as innovative opening configurations that can be modified for any style of entry way. Opening configurations often include, but are not limited to, automatic swinging doors, automatic sliding doors, and automatic folding doors. Sliding doors use a system of tracks and rollers to slide the door panel open. These doors maximize entryway space for two-way traffic. Automatic swinging doors operate much as a traditional entry door does. These doors operate with the use of a mechanical swing arm. Automatic folding doors consist of panels that fold in on one another. Sometimes referred to as bi-fold doors, they also maximize entryway space and will not damage floors.

All automatic doors require a sensor system to activate operation of the doors. Sensor systems include pressure sensors and motion sensors. Pressure sensor systems can include doors that have pressure mats or pressure plates that are used to open the door. Pressure mats are activated when a person stands on them, while pressure plates are activated when someone pushes the plate with their hand. Most modern automatic doors utilize the latest motion detection technologies to open and close the doors. These systems utilize microwave, infrared, and ultrasonic technologies that sense when a person is in front of the door and open the doors.

Automatic Doors provide hassle-free convenience for many. These systems work tirelessly to keep pedestrian traffic flowing through the doors of businesses. An automatic door may open hundreds or even thousands of times in a day to accommodate our fast paced society. However, if they are not properly maintained and regularly inspected, automatic doors can malfunction. Malfunctions may only consist of a minor nuisance such as a door opening slowly. Other malfunctions may cause a door to remain open, or prevent it from closing. However, in rare cases a broken automatic door may injure someone. That is why it is imperative that business owners and building managers have all automatic door entrance systems inspected by an AAADM Certified Inspector and perform preventative maintenance.

The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers trains all AAADM Certified Inspectors in the safe operation, maintenance, and installation of all automatic door systems. The association was founded in 1994 and promotes guidelines and rules set forth by the American National Standards Institute. Inspectors perform yearly inspections on automatic door systems, oversee new door installations to insure that safety standards are met, and can perform the annual maintenance on all automatic doors that is required for continued safe operation. When automatic doors are properly maintained and inspected, they will perform predictably without any nuisance malfunctions and without causing injury to someone.

Everyday a business, healthcare facility, or public building has automatic doors installed. These doors are becoming more prevalent and are appearing in more and more places where we may not expect to see them. Places like schools and large churches are realizing the benefits of these doors. People genuinely prefer automatic doors to traditional entry doors. Traditional doors can promote the spread of communicable diseases because you must physically touch the door. This is not the case with the hands free operation of automatic doors. They are also more energy efficient in crowded busy environments because they only open and close when necessary. Other benefits of installing automatic doors include their hassle-free operation, modern appearance, and safety.

Automatic Doors provide easy access to all. They elevate an entrance into so much more than just a door. Their simple movements and their advanced technology continue to fascinate us like a science fiction movie. They are elegant, modern, and convenient. And if the inventors of the automatic sliding door, Dee Horton and Lew Hewit, had their way, there would be one on every home in America. Maybe someday that dream will come true, but until then we’ll just have to settle for their being everywhere else.

Preferred Window And Door of Lynwood, Illinois has been installing, maintaining, and repairing automatic doors since 1994. Preferred is certified by the AAADM and can provide inspections of all automatic door systems. For a FREE commercial automatic door installation estimate visit our website or call us at (708) 895-3667.

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