The Benefits of Automatic Doors for Grocery Stores & Other Business


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Automatic doors and entryway systems aren’t just for hospitals; rather, they are ideal for a wide array of businesses, ranging from grocery stores to banks, retail outlets to dozens of other commercial property types. The benefits of automatic doors for business are myriad, and include:

Controlling Flow of Pedestrian Traffic

One of the top reasons that many commercial businesses seek automatic doors for their entryways is that automatic doors provide for an easy and efficient way to control the flow of pedestrian traffic. Automatic doors can be programmed to only open from one side, limiting the entrance and exit opportunities for pedestrians. In addition to controlling the flow of foot traffic, automatic doors also are handicap-friendly and in compliance with the Americans with Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines, allowing those who are not able to open doors themselves to enter a building with no-hands access.

Energy and Temperature Control

Automatic doors also for the control of temperature and the conservation of energy within a facility, especially when used in conjunction with air curtains. Rather than having to worry about customers leaving doors wide open – which allows heat to escape in the winter and cool air to escape in the summer – doors only open when necessary, and close as soon as people have entered or exited.

Lighting and Aesthetic Appeal

 The vast majority of automatic doors that are used in commercial businesses are large glass doors. These large glass doors allow for the natural use of light, which can conserve energy. Further, glass doors allow for a unique look, which can add to a store front’s aesthetic value. Many companies have chosen to make the switch to automatic doors for this reason, combined with the doors’ ease of use and security features.

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