The Benefits of Automatic and Revolving Doors for Commercial Businesses this Winter


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20 Dec

The Benefits of Automatic and Revolving Doors for Commercial Businesses this Winter

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Automatic and revolving doors are a fantastic investment for commercial businesses, especially during the winter. If your business is on the fence about new door installation, here are some benefits of revolving and automatic doors that you should consider:

Temperature and Climate Control

We all know how cold it can get in Indiana and Illinois during the winter months. Thankfully, the use of either revolving doors or automatic doors for your commercial business can help to keep those cold temperatures out, maintaining indoor temperature and climate. Of course, a more comfortable climate indoors with fewer drafts and less cold air also means a reduced energy bill for your business.

Another benefit to automatic doors is the ability to set the doors for different opening options depending on the usage/purpose of the doors. The sliding doors can be set to a “Partial” open, which will cause the doors to open 36” to allow a person (including one in a wheelchair) to enter and exit the building without opening the doors to a full 72” opening, which might only be useful for doors which are being used to transfer merchandise in and out of the building.

One useful feature is the ability to change the duration of the open cycle, so that the doors will not be standing open when not in use.

It is not uncommon for manual doors which have a pneumatic door closer to “slow down” when it gets cold, due to the thickening of the hydraulic fluid inside of the closer. This is never a problem with an automatic door which utilizes an electric motor for operation and speed control rather than temperature sensitive fluid.

Debris, Moisture, and Snow

Another downside to winters in our states is the fact that they are often wet and snowy, not to mention icy. This means that dirt, grime, water, and snow are often tracked into businesses. Automatic and revolving doors, which close automatically (or, like revolving doors, only open when people are present), help to reduce the amount of debris and moisture that enters a building by reducing the amount of time that doors are open. This can not only help with comfort and temperature, but also keeps things cleaner, too. As an added benefit, these door types can also help with pest and rodent protection.

Traffic Control

Stores are infamously packed during the holidays, starting with the post-Thanksgiving black Friday rush, all the way up to Christmas eve and last-minute shoppers. Both automatic and revolving doors can help to control the madness by controlling the flow of traffic. Automatic doors can be programed to open from one direction only, preventing store-goers from entering or exiting at a non-specific location. Revolving doors also help to control traffic flow by allowing a set number of people to enter and exit at a given time.

Revolving and Automatic Door Maintenance, Repairs, Replacement, and Installation

At Preferred Window & Door, we have helped countless industries – ranging from grocery stores to banks – meet their door needs. If your revolving or automatic doors are in need of maintenance or repairs, now is the time to invest in getting them fixed before we are in the midst of winter. If your business does not have revolving or automatic doors but is curious about their benefits and costs, please contact us today for a free quote.

For any other door questions, we are your go to. To learn more, contact us today at 708-895-3667, or fill out our online form. We will get back to you shortly!


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