The Benefits of Fiberglass Doors


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Commercial fiberglass doors are a popular choice for many businesses in the South Cook County and Lake County’ areas. These doors have gained their favoritism for a reason; compared to traditional wood and metal doors, fiberglass doors have a number of noticeable benefits. For fiberglass door installation, repair, or replacement in Illinois or Indiana, call Preferred Window & Door today.

Tougher than Other Door Materials

One benefit of fiberglass doors is that they tend to be tougher than some other door materials, including wood and vinyl. Not only are they stronger, but they also last longer – these doors stand up to tough weather, and are less likely to peel, warp, or scratch than are their (wooden) counterparts. Fiberglass is also harder to dent than is steel, and won’t fade like wood will.

Available in a Variety of Styles and Colors

Another benefit to fiberglass doors is the variety that these doors provide. Not only can they be manufactured in a number of different colors and styles, but they can even be made to look like real wood. The fact that fiberglass doors look like real wood is a plus for many people who prefer the style and feel that wooden doors provide.

Fiberglass doors are rather maintenance free, unless the door finish is made to simulate the look of stained wood (which is the greatest benefit to fiberglass doors). In these situations the ultraviolet rays from the sun will break down the protective coating on a fiberglass door as quickly (or very close thereto) as if the finish was on a real wood door

Great Insulation. While fiberglass doors may seem warmer that a steel door, the fact is that a high quality steel door has every bit as much (and in some cases) higher R-Value as fiberglass doors

In case you needed another reason to avoid  fiberglass doors, consider the fact that they are almost impossible to prevent air infiltration around the door perimeter. High quality steel doors utilize a magnetic weatherstrip around the perimeter of the door. This way, if the door is even close to closed, the weatherstrip will adhere to the door. With fiberglass doors, the weatherstrip can ONLY be compression type, so the only way to get a tight seal is to make the lock strike very tight and then close the door hard.

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