Does My Business Need to Do Drop Door Testing?


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Drop doors, also called fire drop doors or just fire doors, are required in many business types. These types of doors descend in the event of a fire, cordoning off the flames and smoke to one area, and preventing the fire from spreading. Fire drop doors are essential for protecting a business’s structure, goods, and employees in the event that a fire is started.

Fire drop doors need to be tested on a regular basis in order to ensure their effectiveness. In fact, regular testing is a requirement.

The NFPA Fire Door Testing Requirement

Standing for National Fire Protection Association, the NFPA 80 addresses requirements for fire doors, including drop door testing. Door must be assessed and tested annually – failure to test fire doors that are in your place of business, including rolling and sliding fire doors, rolling steel doors, fire shutters, and more is a violation of NFPA code.

What Happens During Drop Door Testing?

It is important that you have fire door testing for your commercial business performed by a company that is familiar with the NFPA’s requirements and has experience. During the testing process, drop door testing professionals will make sure that the doors have been properly installed, will assess all parts to ensure that nothing is missing or in need of maintenance or replacement, and check all additional equipment that works in conjunction with fire doors, such as smoke alarms. Further, a professional will ensure that your fire doors meet NFPA requirements (dropping at a rate that is no more than 24 inches per second, nor less than six inches per second). If doors are not dropping at the required rate, repairs will be made to ensure that they operate according to code.

Of course, you will receive a copy of your drop door testing and inspection report for your records. This inspection report will read that your fire doors are up to standard.

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Drop door testing is important for the safety of everyone within your businesses, as well as your business’s products and profits. It is a requirement to make sure that fire doors are testing annually. If you have yet to schedule your drop door testing for this year, do not delay in contacting the professionals at Preferred Window & Door. Our team of experienced drop door testing pros will guide you through everything you need to know about making sure your business is up to code. Reach us now at 708-895-3667.

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