When Should You Call A Professional for Garage Door Repair?


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Recently we discussed the top signs that you need some kind of garage door repair. As we discussed in that post, there are many different issues that you can experience with a garage door. While we always advise contacting a professional garage door repair company we know that many people like to fix things themselves. We also understand that no one really wants to spend his or her hard earned money on garage door repair. There are some garage door repairs that you might be able to tackle on your own, but there are some major problems that you can encounter that are better left to the professionals.

Don’t Try This at Home

So what kinds of garage door repairs should you avoid trying to fix yourself? One of the toughest repairs you can encounter with your garage door is a broken spring. Whether it’s a torsion or extension spring these can be a big job. Garage door springs can also be very dangerous to handle which is why this kind of job is best left to the professionals. If your springs just need some lubrication then that’s the kind of job you can probably do yourself. However, if your spring is broken or it continues to make strange noises, even after you’ve applied lubrication, then you should contact Preferred Window and Door.

Heavy Door Panels Could Cause Injury

Another job that you should probably never try to do yourself is replacing your door panels. Garage doors can be extremely heavy and there is a good chance you could be injured if you try to tackle this job by yourself. At Preferred Window and Door we have years of experience repairing, replacing and installing garage doors and garage door panels. We know how to do this safely and effectively in order to ensure that no one is hurt. We also make sure to completely fix the problem and get your door back up and running correctly.

Contact Preferred for Assistance

Other common signs that would indicate it’s time to call in a professional include when your garage door won’t open or close all the way, or if it stops opening or shutting completely. No matter what you use your garage for, you need to have a fully functional door that opens and shuts when you need it to. If you are experiencing any of these kinds of issues with your Chicago area garage door then don’t hesitate to call us at Preferred Window and Door. We offer timely and affordable service, including 24/7 emergency service. That means we’re there when you need us, no matter what time of day. So give us a call and make sure you get the garage door repair job done right. Call us at 708-895-3667, or click here to connect with us online.

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