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18 Dec

What Your Garage Door Says About You

When it comes to exterior home improvement projects, the garage door often doesn’t even make the list! Homeowners tend to

20 Mar

5 Reasons to Love Preferred Window and Door

Choosing a window and door company in Illinois or Indiana that you can call for all of your commercial or residential window

30 Jan

The Effects of Cold Weather on Your Home’s Windows, Doors, and Comfort

Most people who live in the states of Illinois and Indiana will tell you that winter is not their favorite season. Not only

21 Nov

3 Things to Be Thankful for When You Work with Preferred Window and Door

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays in America, and whether you live in Indiana or Illinois, you may be

16 May

Spring and Summer Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Home and Commercial Business Owner Garage Door Maintenance for Spring and Summer Whether you are a homeowner or the owner

07 Mar

Garage Door Technology Cooler than Ever Before

Most people think of a garage as nothing more than a place to store their vehicle, and as a garage door as nothing more than

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