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19 Jan

Garage Door Repair: Winter’s the Perfect Time

During the wintertime in the harsh cold of South Cook County, Illinois and Lake County, Indiana, garage doors often take a

08 Dec

Help! My Garage Door Won’t Open/Close

Whether you or are in a rush or not, if you go to open your garage door and it won’t open for you it is nothing less than

24 Nov

Why Is My Garage Door So Loud?

Garage doors are very big and complex pieces of machinery that consist of springs, pulleys, cables and different moving

10 Nov

Why You Need to Choose a Reliable Company to Service Your Garage Door

Finding a garage door company in the South Suburbs of Chicago and Northwest Indiana can be a daunting task. There are many

18 Aug

Common Mistakes that Damage Garage Doors

Garage door systems may seem very simple at first glance. You click a button and the garage door rolls up, and you click it

04 Aug

When is it Time to Replace a Garage Door?

Sometimes it's easy for garage doors to not be a priority for home repairs. Drafty windows, plumbing problems, and new

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