Changing Opinions About Revolving Doors


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Revolving doors prevent wind, sleet, snow, rain, noise, ice, and debris from entering building. Simultaneously, they also help to maintain indoor temperatures and reduce energy expenditures. However, despite both of these facts, revolving doors tend to be avoided; a large number of people have a revolving door phobia of sorts, which may perhaps be explained by claustrophobia or a fear of getting trapped within the door.

Researchers at a variety of universities have puzzled over the revolving door phobia, wondering why people avoid the energy-efficient invention and what can be done to change opinions about revolving doors. The solution may be as simple as adding a sign.

Students at MIT & Columbia Change Perceptions About Revolving Doors. Contact a Chicago Revolving Door Company Now.

In 2006, students at MIT were flustered by the fact that while revolving doors have the potential to save thousands of dollars each year in energy costs, only 25 percent of people entering a building on their campus chose to enter via the revolving door. So, the students took a proactive approach: they placed signs around the campus instructing people to use the revolving door and informing them of revolving doors’ energy-saving benefits. The results? A 30 percent increase in revolving door use.

A similar attempt to change opinions about revolving doors followed a few years later at Columbia, where a graduate student there – Andrea Shea – learned that only 28 percent of people were choosing to enter a campus building via the revolving door. Following in the MIT students’ footsteps, Shea simply posted a sign on the door information others of the door’s energy-efficiency and asking people to use it. Like the MIT experiment, the sign resulted in a large usage increase. By changing some things about the sign – like text color and graphics – revolving door usage increased to 71 percent.

The Takeaway for Your South Cook County, IL or Lake County, IN Business

If you are in charge of design or business operations in Illinois or Indiana, revolving doors are a great choice, as they save money and help the planet. But if you’re worried that customers will avoid your revolving doors, mitigating their benefits and perhaps even resulting in reduced business, you should put up a sign. You can even download a premade sign with all of the facts you need about the benefits of revolving doors online.

At Preferred Window & Door, our revolving door specialists can help you to understand the benefits of revolving doors, as well has help you to choose the right revolving door for your company. If in need of revolving door maintenance, installation, or repair, contact us today for a free quote!

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