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Chicago Bullet-Proof Window Installation

18 Jul

Chicago Bullet-Proof Window Installation

When there is a threat of crime, bullet-proof windows can provide an added layer of security. In Chicago, there is no doubt that crime is rampant and something that businesses need to be aware of. In combination with security systems, bullet-proof window installation can offer that extra layer of protection that’s necessary for peace of mind. Our Chicago window and door company serves businesses in a myriad of industries and is available to talk now about the installation of bullet-proof windows for your business.

Why Choose Bullet-Proof Windows?

No explanation is needed to describe the danger that a criminal with a gun can pose. If your business or organization is located in an area when robberies or shootings are present, bullet-proof windows can help to protect your property and the people within it. Our bullet-proof windows are designed to resemble transparent glass, therefore allowing your facade to maintain its aesthetic beauty while simultaneously offering functional advantages. We have experience working with a number of different organizations and business and can confidently say that schools, hospital, fast food restaurants, hotels, churches, banks, grocery stores, shopping malls, and more can all benefit from bullet-proof windows.

Are Bullet-Proof Windows Really Bullet-Proof?

Unfortunately, it is fallacious to claim that bullet-proof windows are truly bullet-proof; there is no material that is completely impervious to multiple bullets. That being said, bullet-proof windows can withstand a large amount of force, and thanks to the flexible materials from which they’re manufactured, are highly resistant to bullets. The resistance of bullet-proof windows depends both on the material that is used in the manufacture and the thickness; the thicker the windows, the more resistant to bullets the windows will be.

Our Bullet-Proof Window Installation Services

We provide comprehensive services for our Chicago-based customers. If you are thinking about bullet-proof windows for your business, please call us directly today to learn more about how we can help. Our services include:

  • Consultation and assessment. We begin by learning a little bit more about your business and what your security goals and needs are. From there, we can assess your property in person and provide you with a quote that includes the cost of materials and labor. We can also offer our professional insight and advice regarding which type of bullet-proof glass is ideal for your business, which windows may benefit from bullet-proof glass installation, and more.
  • Installation. We handle all elements of the installation process, and never outsource labor to third parties. This helps to ensure a job done right and quickly. We also carry the majority of materials in our warehouse, which means that in most cases we are able to install your windows with a very short turn-around time, not having to wait for shipments to come in.
  • Maintenance and repairs. Once your bullet-proof windows are installed, we are happy to perform any window maintenance or repairs services you need over the years.

Contact Our Team Today to Learn More

While thinking about the reality of crime can be unpleasant, arming your business or organization with bullet-proof windows may be the safest choice. To learn more about our products and services, please call our Chicago bullet-proof window company today or send us a quick message using the intake form on our website. Our team is here to serve you.

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