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Chicago Revolving Door Repair

25 Sep

Chicago Revolving Door Repair

For commercial businesses, government entities, and organizations in Chicago, investing in a revolving door can be a great option. In fact, revolving doors have proven to be more energy-efficient than traditional doors, and are great at directing the flow of traffic and keeping dust, debris, pests, and moisture out. Revolving doors also add an element of professionalism and simply look great.

But revolving doors have a lot of moving parts, and like any door type, can suffer breakdowns and issues over the years, especially when not properly cared for. Fortunately, if your business’ revolving doors are on the fritz, you have a trusted window and door company in Chicago just a phone call away. For all the revolving door repair services you could need, contact Preferred Window and Door today.

Signs Your Revolving Doors Need Repairs

If you’re wondering whether or not your revolving doors are in need of repair, here are some of the key signs that repairs are necessary:

  • The glass on the revolving doors has cracked or shattered (typically as a result of physical force, like an attempted break-in or car accident);
  • The doors won’t lock or unlock;
  • The doors aren’t rotating or are excessively difficult to push open;
  • The doors are halting mid-rotation; or
  • The doors are making excessive noise while moving.

If you notice any of the above issues, you should seek repairs immediately! Not only are damaged revolving doors irksome to deal with, but they can be dangerous too. The last thing that you want is a safety concern on your property.

Top Reasons to Work with Preferred Window and Door for Revolving Door Repairs in Chicago

If you know that you need to call a revolving door repair company but aren’t sure which company it should be, Preferred Window and Door should be at the top of your list. Top reasons to work with us include:

  • We are revolving door specialists. As one of the few companies in Chicago that also installs revolving doors and maintains revolving doors, we have a unique knowledge and skill set when it comes to revolving door repairs.
  • We have the experience you’re looking for. As a company with more than 20 years’ worth of experience handling revolving door repairs in Chicago and surrounding areas, there’s no doubt that we know what we’re doing.
  • We offer emergency repair services. We know that if you have a revolving door problem, you may not have days or weeks’ worth of time to wait for repairs. Which is why you can call us for emergency, same-day repair services.
  • We offer high-quality services, always. We always use the highest quality materials, parts, and practices when performing a revolving door repair. We want to make sure that you believe that you’re getting the best services available in all of Chicago, and always prioritize the customer experience as such.

Schedule Your Chicago Revolving Door Repair Today

Don’t wait to schedule a repair if your revolving door isn’t functioning properly. You can schedule an appointment or request emergency repair services by calling us at 708-895-3667 today. You can also get in touch with us by sending us a message directly using the intake form on our website.

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