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Garage Door Repair in Schererville

02 Jul

Garage Door Repair in Schererville Needs Talented Team

With our roots in family, Preferred Window and Door has the mission and goals that fit your expectations as a homeowner or business owner. Our talented team treats you like family from Day One. We have been tackling small and big jobs for residential and commercial clients since 1994. We specialize in all things windows and doors. Maintaining our family values is important to our team as the Birketts began the company in their home and a rented garage. Today, the Birketts’ sons carry on the tradition of integrity, high standards, industry-leading products and outstanding customer service at their headquarters and showroom.

Garage Door Repair in Schererville Keeps Your Daily Life Going

As a homeowner in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region, you rely on your garage door to add beauty as well as security to your home and property. Our team strives to keep you safe by offering emergency repair services as quickly as possible. A variety of components may be causing your current issue. We can fix such items as broken lifting cables. Your cables have a very important job as they support your garage door extension springs. A crooked door is a sign of this issue and can cause further damage to tracks.

Maintenance is a key strategy to keep your garage door working smoothly and help prevent issues that need to be repaired. When you schedule an appointment with our team, you can expect our certified and licensed garage door technicians to do a thorough inspection of all of your components. We will inspect, adjust and lubricate springs, inspect and lubricate rollers, inspect cables for damage, inspect weather strip for issues and inspect your door’s alignment to name just a few parts of our maintenance plan.

Garage Door Repair and More in Schererville

We can also help if it is time for a brand new door. If you are constantly fixing issues or your door just looks old and worn-out, we can help freshen up your home. Steel and overhead garage doors bring a sense of function and simplicity to your home while more stylish options such as wood or carriage house garage doors can truly transform your property’s look. Installing a garage door is a complex job that is better left to professionals such as our team and crew.

Commercial clients can also benefit from our team’s garage door repair services. Businesses need a properly functioning door to ensure their business is safe and secure. Depending on the problem, you may have broken cables or springs, bent tracks or broken door panels.

Our Team Specializes in Garage Door Repair in Schererville

Serving our communities is very important to us as region business owners. Let our team work for you today. We are happy to outline what you need completed along with an estimate of the work. Connect with us through our online form.

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