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Garage Door Services In Lansing

20 Mar

All Your Garage Door Services In Lansing Under One Roof

No matter what you need done on your garage door in Illinois, our team members can help as we offer all types of services. At Preferred Window and Door, we have been serving our Illinois communities as a family-owned business since 1994. While we first focused on residential window and door offerings, we have grown and developed over the years to also tap into the commercial market and serve Illinois businesses. With family at our core, we now have more than 50 employees and a company headquarters that includes 18,000 square feet.

Garage Door Services In Lansing Bring You Something Brand New

Through experience and expertise, we have brought high-quality products and services to Illinois homeowners. We ensure that you will have the highest quality products as we work with such brands and manufacturers as CHI Overhead Doors, Special-Lite, Republic Doors, and LiftMaster operators. We offer a wide range of styles and materials so that you will find the right fit for your home and property in Illinois.

We work with steel, wood, aluminum, overhead, and carriage garage doors. Each material has benefits for your home. For example, steel is a durable choice that is resistant to the extremes that make up Illinois weather seasons. For a classic feel, carriage doors are the best bet. They are available in a wide range of offerings from non-insulated to the best insulated. No matter what your pick, an updated garage door is the epitome of beauty and security.

Repairs And Maintenance Among Our Garage Door Services In Lansing

A garage door is not something you normally think about until it’s not working properly or becomes damaged! Our team can assist with all types of repairs. If you notice that some of your door panels are broken or dented, our team can come out and assess if the panels can be repaired. We can also help with your door’s lifting cables. If one side’s cables break, it can cause the door to become crooked and prompt additional damage. You may also face issues with your garage door opener. It consists of two parts that could have something go wrong: the opener attached to the door and ceiling and the handheld device. Our experts can help pinpoint issues with any of these types of repairs.

Our team also believes in the importance of a continuous maintenance strategy. By having a scheduled plan, we can help you keep your door working smoothly without interruptions. We will take a look at all of the components of your garage door system as well as perform maintenance tasks to keep your door going strong for years to come.

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