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08 Sep

Why We’re Better than Our Competitors When it Comes to Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are one of the most efficient entryway systems for commercial businesses throughout the state of Illinois and Indiana. These doors automatically open by folding in a space-saving measure when they detect a person’s presence, making them efficient and accessible for all persons, including those with disabilities. Not only that, they seamlessly direct traffic, provide tons of natural light, maximize space, are compact, and are easy to install and maintain. It’s clear to see why so many companies across two states have chosen bi-fold doors as their doors of choice.

But what might be less clear without a little more information is why you should choose Preferred Window and Door over other competitors in the area, like Great Lakes Automatic Door. Here’s what you need to know:

We Serve a Huge Number of Business in Different Industries

One of the top reasons that working with Preferred Window and Door instead of our competitors is that we have served businesses in countless different industries throughout Illinois and Indiana, which means if you have an industry-specific bi-fold door need, chances are we’ll know exactly what you’re talking about and how to make it happen. Industries that we serve include hospitals, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, schools, airports, automotive dealerships, churches, and more.

We Offer the Best Installation, Maintenance, and Replacement Services

Not only are we able to provide your business with bi-fold door services, no matter in what industry you work, we are also to provide you with all of the different services that you could need. Our bi-fold doors services include:

  • Bi-fold door installation. Whether you have a frame in place, or even a bi-fold door in place that you want to replace, or not, we can provide you with bi-fold door installation. We provide all installation, ranging from cutting the door space to removing an old door to putting on the finishing touches and everything in between.
  • Bi-fold door maintenance. Once your bi-fold doors are installed, we can provide routine repair services to ensure that everything is kept in tip-top shape. We can also provide you with information regarding do-it-yourself maintenance.
  • Bi-fold door repair. Just like all things, bi-fold doors will break down over time, or could become damaged. When this happens, failing to seek quick repairs could be an impediment to the success of your business. Contact us for fast repairs that you can count on.

We’re the Most Experienced Bi-Fold Door Company

We offer all bi-fold door services to a variety of business types throughout Illinois and Indiana, and we’re the most experienced bi-fold door company in the industry. Our business started in 1994, and in the more than 20 years since that time, we have expertly served residents and business owners, providing a variety of window and door services.

If you have been thinking about bi-fold doors for your company, or currently have bi-fold doors that are in need of maintenance, repair, or replacement, we can help. For more information, reach our service professionals by phone or online today – we will reply to your inquiry quickly.

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