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08 Aug

Bi-fold Doors from Preferred Window & Door – Why We’re Better than the Competitor

Bi-fold doors provide a great solution for entryways for commercial business, providing a space-saving door solution that looks great and functions optimally. However, not all bi-fold doors, or rather, not all bi-fold door installation companies, are the same. To be sure, the difference in high quality installation, maintenance, and repairs can make a huge difference for your business overtime, saving–or costing–you hundreds of dollars. At Preferred Window and Door, we provide the best bi-fold door installation services in Illinois.

The Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors offer a number of benefits, which is why they are a clear choice for many commercial businesses throughout the states of Illinois and Indiana. To be sure, some of the most obvious benefits include:


  • Bi-fold doors are compact. The fact that bi-fold doors literally fold when they open, therefore saving space rather than demanding it, is one of the biggest benefits. This is especially true for businesses with smaller entryways and limited space.
  • Bi-fold doors provide natural light. Most bi-fold doors are glass, and are therefore transparent. This means that businesses can take advantage of the natural light that is provided year round by these doors, and the natural heat that is created via the sun in the wintertime. Natural light can help to save money on utility costs, and can even enhance productivity.
  • Bi-fold doors are efficient. If you are the owner of a commercial business in Illinois, you are looking for more than just an aesthetic solution; you want efficiency. Bi-fold doors provide the best of both worlds, providing easy access to the outdoors and a perfect way to greet customers.

Why We Are Better than Our Competitors

When you need bi-fold doors installed for your business, or you need existing bi-fold doors repaired or maintained, you have a number of professional door companies to call, including Midwest Automatic Door. While we recognize that there are dozens of companies around Illinois and Indiana, we are confident than none are as experienced or skilled as we are. Here are some reasons why we outshine the competition time and time again:


  • We have been serving customers in two states for more than two decades. One of the reasons that we are confident that we are the best choice for bi-fold door installation and repair is that we have been doing repairs and installation for more than two decades. But more than just door services alone, our 23 years of work has also given us time to connect with our customers, and form lasting relationships with business in our states. Our long-standing relationships with local vendors and manufacturers allows us to provide the best services and products.
  • We care about quality. More than anything else, we pride ourselves on ensuring an excellent experience for customers, whether we are serving commercial businesses or residential homeowners. In order to make this guarantee, we have to focus on quality. This means quality in our products and in our work. You will never find us taking shortcuts.
  • Standards of excellence. If making company means sacrificing the health or safety of our workers or the quality of our services, we do not want to be that company. That’s why we only employ AAADM certified technicians for all of our services, and carry an OSHA certification.

In addition to the above reasons, we also take pride in our customer reviews and testimonials. Read more about what people are saying about us.

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