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How to Clean Garage Door Windows

03 May

How to Clean Garage Door Windows

Posted Window Repair

You might assume that cleaning your garage door windows, for either a commercial or residential garage door, is pretty straightforward: grab a chemical window cleaner and rag and wipe away, right? While this may certainly be the case in certain situations, some garage door windows may need a little more TLC. The following reviews some considerations when cleaning garage door windows:

Cleaners to NEVER Use

For most garage door windows, it is perfectly acceptable to use a mild cleaning agent (such as dish soap) and a soft cloth. However, there are certain cleaners that you should never use, either because they can be dangerous if you are exposed to them, or because they may cause damage to the glass. This includes any ammoniated cleaners, abrasive cleaners, or solvents.

When You Need to Take Special Precautions

Some windows require a little extra love, and you will need to take special precautions when cleaning to ensure that you do not scratch or damage the glass. For example, some impact-resistant windows, like those made from LEXAN®, may be damaged if you scrub too hard or use an abrasive brush. If you’re not sure what your windows require, track down the garage door’s windows’ manufacturer and ask.

Reducing Scratch Appearance on Windows

When windows are scratched, just cleaning them is often not enough to reduce the appearance of scratches and restore them to their original state. In some cases, you may be able to use a polish to reduce scratches. In other cases, you can use a specially-designed glass polish.

When scratches are especially deep or severe, your best bet may be replacing the windows altogether. The good news is that you can usually replace garage door windows without having to go the hassle of replacing your entire garage door.

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