Clean Windows Keep Your View Exquisite


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Fingerprints, streaks and rain spots are obstructions to a clear view. You don’t have to be a professional to keep your windows clean and sparkling.

  • Starting point: It’s best to attack those dirty frames before you work on the window surfaces. Vacuuming up loose dirt and debris is a key first step, then wash with the cleaner of your choice, warm water and a sponge. Rinsing and drying may be necessary as well.
  • Don’t forget the curtains: Taking down your window treatments and curtains before you tackle your window-cleaning project clears your area and gives you the opportunity to wash these parts of your home.
  • No news is good news: That old adage of using newspaper is not good advice. Those multi-purpose microfiber cloths are better suited to swipe away dirt and film. Clean coffee filters and discarded cotton shirts are also good tools.
  • Irritating insects: Bug debris can gunk up your glass. Test a fine scrub pad made of nylon first and use plain old water to scrub away.
  • From the inside out: Don’t forget to clean the outside of your windows as well as the inside. A technique to seeing where you have missed is to wipe vertically in and horizontally out of your home to help determine where the missed spots are and ease the touch-up process.
  • Timing matters: Don’t try to get this project done all in one day! Break up the job in segments and be mindful of the weather. A cloudy day is the optimal weather as direct sunshine can cause those dreaded streaks.

New Windows A Clean Base For Your Home

Maybe your windows are beyond the point of no return! If they are damaged or outdated, we can assist with selecting new windows for your house. We provide a range of window offerings for every area of your home. From basement and storm window selections to slider and picture window offerings, we can create the look and functionality that you are looking for!

Window materials now go beyond wood, which was once the only offering. Today, there are many other choices, such as steel or combinations of wood and aluminum or fiberglass. A variety of shapes, sizes and colors will make your windows unique to you!

Window Solutions For Your Home

At Preferred Window and Door, we will discuss which windows fit your home and style! Visit us at 3280 E. Lincoln Hwy. in Lynwood, Ill., call us at 708-895-3667, email us at [email protected] or request a free estimate. We offer a variety of services beyond windows, including entrance and overhead doors, dock levelers and turnstiles. We have served the community for 24 years as a small family-owned business.

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