Cold Weather Window & Door Worries – How to Protect Openings from Freezing


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31 Jan

Cold Weather Window & Door Worries – How to Protect Openings from Freezing

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When temperatures dip below freezing during the wintertime in South Cook County and Lake County, your home can be at risk of cold weather damage. Often times, the most vulnerable part of your home are its windows and doors, which can let cold air and moisture seep through, leading to high energy bills, freezing, and even cracking and other window and door frame damage. Here are some tips for protecting your home’s opening from freezing during the winter, and how to reduce energy bills and keep your home more comfortable–

Apply Weatherstripping and Caulk

Applying weatherstripping and caulk is one of the best things that you can do to prevent moisture from entering your home and to reduce drafts. The weather stripping should be applied around the bottom of the window and any seams where the window opens and closes. It should also be applied at the bottom of a door, as well as along the door’s entire frame. Apply weatherstripping and caulk to all windows and doors in your house that have access to the outdoors. Not only will this help to keep moisture out and reduce the risk of a door or window getting frozen shut, but it will also help to keep your energy bills low.

Replace or Repair Damaged Windows & Doors

Another thing to prevent windows from freezing, stop moisture from entering your home, and keep your energy bills consistent is to replace and repair damaged windows and doors. When doors and windows are cracked or damaged, they provide poor insulation, are more susceptible to further damage due to cold temperatures and extreme weather, and allow moisture (and pests!) access to your home. If you are not sure whether or not it is time to replace your doors or windows, look for visible signs of damage, like cracks or breaks. You can also stand near the window on a cold day – if you can feel the cold air coming off the window, it may be time to upgrade.

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