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Commercial Garage Door Maintenance


commercial garage door maintenance

If you want to keep everyone in your working environment safe and maintain the flow of operations as usual, investing in routine commercial garage door maintenance is a must. At Preferred Window & Door, our commercial garage door service professionals are available year round to perform maintenance and repairs in the South Cook County, Illinois and Lake County, Indiana areas.

Commercial Garage Door Inspection

Our professional team will always begin with a thorough inspection of your commercial garage door. This includes inspection the commercial garage door’s:

  • Cables;
  • Hinges;
  • Bolts and screws;
  • Springs;
  • Rollers;
  • Door surface; and
  • All other moving parts.

If we notice anything out of the ordinary, unsafe, or on the decline, we will provide you with a free estimate on the cost of repairs.

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance Musts

When commercial garage doors are not properly maintained, they are at a higher risk of breaking or experiencing a shorter lifespan. With the change in seasons, it is important to perform some basic maintenance. Unless you are trained in commercial garage door maintenance, this is a job best left to the professionals.

Four times a year, we encourage that all moving commercial garage door parts receive a thorough lubrication. This includes lubrication of springs, rollers, and hinges. Because over-lubrication can be as serious of a problem as failing to lubricate at all, it is important that this is done properly.

We also encourage that the operation of your garage door be checked at least once per year, if not more frequently. We are happy to test your commercial garage door’s safety features, opener, and ease of opening. We will also check to make sure that your commercial garage door balance is accurate, and that all safety features on your garage door are working as they should be (such as automatic reversal systems).

Commercial Garage Door Types that We Service

We service a variety of commercial garage door types in the South Cook County and Lake County areas. This includes industrial overhead doors, sectional doors, rolling steel doors, fire-rated doors, security garage doors, and more. No matter the type of commercial garage door that you have, we can assess its efficacy and perform any necessary maintenance or repairs in a timely manner.

Why Choose Us?

At Preferred Window & Door, we have been in the business for more than two decades, and have the experience and know-how to get the job done right. More than that, we pride ourselves on our dedication to customer service, our competitive pricing options, and our timeliness at assessing and correcting a problem.

Schedule Your Commercial Garage Door Maintenance Appointment Today

Performing commercial garage door maintenance can prevent tragic accidents from occurring, and keep your business operations running smoothly. When you call Preferred Window & Door today, we will provide you with a free quote regarding your commercial garage door maintenance. Serving those in the Lake County and South Cook County neighborhoods since 1994, we are the right choice when it comes to commercial garage door services. Call us at 708-895-3667 now.

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