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Glass Wall Office Systems

Glass Wall Office Systems

At Preferred Window and Door, we have been helping businesses like yours find the most effective solutions for their window and door needs for more than 20 years. One of the most popular options for business owners are glass wall office systems, which are stylish, energy efficient, and durable.

What Is a Glass Wall Office System?

Rather than a single office door that is made of glass, a glass wall office system is one in which all of the walls of an office are made of glass, creating frameless, transparent, and expansive glass walls. Glass wall systems can be designed in a number of different ways, ranging from floor-to-ceiling glass, glass office systems that create a number of small offices or a few big offices, operable walls (that can slide to create open spaces), freestanding glass walls, and more.

What Are the Benefits of a Glass Wall Office System?

There are dozens of reasons why business owners in Illinois and Indiana are turning to glass wall office systems as their preferred way of doing business. Consider these tops benefits:

  • Gorgeous design elements. Just because you manage something that has more to do with manual labor than it does to do with aesthetic appeal does not mean that your office has to do without gorgeous design elements. Beautiful design not only makes your workplace more comfortable and desirable to workers – enhancing productivity and attracting employees–but it also encourages people to work more collaboratively.
  • Better communication. Opaque barriers and stuffy spaces can send a message that channels of communication are closed. When you open things up and allow others to be able to witness what’s happening in office spaces, including the offices of managers and owners, you encourage employees to start a dialogue with one another. Glass wall office systems encourage a level of openness and communication that cannot be matched.
  • Natural light. One of the biggest benefits of glass wall office systems is that they systems provide natural lighting. Natural lighting not only saves your company money, but also enhances creativity and cognitive function.

Why Choose Preferred Window and Door for Glass Wall Office Systems Installation and Repair

One of the benefits of working with Preferred Window and Door for all of your glass wall office system needs is that we can do it all. From the very beginning phases of a project to the final touches, we handle everything. In addition to designing and installing your glass wall office system, we can also provide you with any maintenance and repairs that you may need over the years. We can also remove current doors and walls and prepare areas for new glass wall office system installation. We have multiple glass wall office systems to choose from, and can help you to select the one that maximizes efficiency for your office space.

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