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Jail Cell Doors

Window & Doors for Jail Cells

Jail cells and the doors and windows around them provide a unique dilemma; doors need to be strong and able to resist any attempt by an incarcerated person to exit them, but they must also be accessible by guards, and provide windows where food and beverage, and other items can be transported to an incarcerated person. Today, many jail cells have done away with the traditional barred cell and replaced bars with high security doors – Preferred Window & Door is the premier company for jail cell window and door installation, maintenance, and repair in the states of Illinois and Indiana.

High Security Windows and Slots

We are responsible for installing high security windows and slots (for passing items back and forth from guard to incarcerated person) in jail cell doors. Glass that is used for windows must be extremely resistant to force in the event that an incarcerated person attempts to break the glass for escape or self-harm purposes. For ultimate strength, we use bullet-resistant glass that is able to resist even the most extensive loads of force. We can cut windows into existing doors in order to provide guards with a way to view incarcerated persons and monitor their wellbeing.

We also install slots into doors that can be opened from a jail hallway, but cannot be opened from the inside of a jail cell. Like windows, we can cut these slots directly into doors. Slots are able to be locked and secured from the outside, so that the risk of opening the slot when guards are not present is completely mitigated.

Strong Doors, Secure Locks

We not only cut and install windows and slots that meet the highest security standards, but we also carry tough doors that are perfect for jail cells. Our doors are reinforced with high security locks that cannot be accessed from the inside of a jail cell. Our doors are resistant to force, and provide municipal jails with the level of security they need to feel comfortable.

Why You Should Work with Preferred Window & Door

We have been serving businesses and municipalities in Illinois and Indiana for more than 20 years, and know what we are doing when it comes to windows, doors, and high security situations. We know that you need a company that you can trust with an important and sensitive task – we are your go to! We have served more than 20,000 customers over our years in business, use the highest quality materials, and offer guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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