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Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling Steel Door Installation and Repair

Many businesses in Illinois and Indiana have realized the benefits of rolling steel doors, particularly as they compare to standard garage doors or aluminum rolling doors. To learn more about rolling steel doors and the installation or repair process, contact Preferred Window & Door today for a free quote.

What Are Rolling Doors?

A rolling steel door is exactly what it sounds like – rather than a door that opens via swinging hinges, or a garage door that that folds back into a ceiling, rolling doors literally roll and recoil as they are drawn up. Comparable to counter shutters but on a much large scale, rolling steel doors are seen a number of industries, providing quick and easy access to buildings. They also save space, are easy to use, and can be an affordable choice for businesses.

Which Industries Benefit from Rolling Steel Doors?

Rolling steel doors are commonly seen in factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities. They may be used in smaller buildings and recreational facilities, or heavy duty rolling steel doors may be installed in commercial freight and utility buildings or agricultural facilities. They are useful in spaces where side room and headroom really do matter, as they save on both.

Why Steel?

Steel is the preferred material for industries and businesses that need a heavy duty, durable material to get the job done. When compared with aluminum, steel is:

  • More resistant to dings and scratches;’
  • Less likely to warp;
  • The strongest material available, providing your facility with maximum protection and security;
  • Less likely to bend or give under force;
  • Much more durable; and
  • Less vulnerable to corrosion.

While steel is often dismissed for a job like this due to the fact that it is heavier and more difficult to manipulate than is aluminum, our talented professionals have the craftsmanship and skill set necessary to install rolling steel doors that won’t let you down.

The Benefits of Working with Preferred Window & Door

Many companies in Illinois and Indiana who do not yet have the space available for rolling steel door installation call our team because they know about our reputation for excellence. If you do not already have a garage door frame ready to go, our expert technicians will competently cut a rolling steel door frame – and install the steel door – in a block wall. This process is very technical, but our team is able to accomplish the job quickly and effectively.

But our ability to cut a rolling steel door into a block wall isn’t the only reason that we’re the top choice for rolling steel door installation and repair in the states that we serve; we also use the highest quality steel doors on the market, ensure that our technicians are expertly trained using the best practices, and always put customer satisfaction first. What’s more, we have been in business for more than two decades in Illinois and Indiana, and know what doing good business is really about. Once we install a rolling steel door, we can also service it on a regular basis, will make sure that it is compliant with all building and workplace codes, and will be ready to offer immediately assistance in the event that emergency repairs are necessary.

If you have questions about rolling steel doors, know that you want one, or are ready to learn more about the installation process, please get in touch with us today, as we are always happy to answer any questions that you may have. You can reach us online or by phone now at 708-895-3667.

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