Common Mistakes that Damage Garage Doors


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Garage door systems may seem very simple at first glance. You click a button and the garage door rolls up, and you click it again and it rolls down. Wear and tear happens over time due to the harsh Chicago winters and constant Midwest weather changes. Sometimes, however, the damage can be blamed on human error. Mistakes with garage doors do happen.

Running your car into the garage door

The most common instance most people think about first is when a person drives their car into the door. The good thing is that this mistake usually does not cause injury since the car is moving so slow. The bad thing is that even the slowest moving vehicle that taps into the door can cause a great deal of damage to a garage door system. All it takes is a little tap to cause a very expensive repair or replacement.

If this happens to your garage, it is important to seek professional help to ensure that your track system isn’t damaged. If broken, a track system will stop the door from opening and closing easily. If left unfixed, this could lead to much more unnecessary damage.


It is very important to get to fixing garage door issues as soon as possible before they snowball into much bigger problems. For example, if your garage door has always ran smooth and quiet and all of a sudden it starts making loud noises every time you go to use it, you may have a simple problem that will get much worse if left untouched. A very noisy garage door usually means there is a lack of lubrication or loose bolts on the system. Neglecting to get this fixed only leads to much more trouble.

Attempting to repair it yourself

An extremely dangerous mistake is to try to fix a garage door system by yourself without the proper training. This almost always ends in much more damage to the system and potentially can lead to very serious injury. The different pieces of a garage door system including the springs, cables, and tracks, are all very complicated and can only safely function if they are set up the right way and in the right places. Someone without training should never try to fix a garage door system by themselves. For even the seemingly simple repairs, leave it to Preferred Window and Door.

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