Most Common Types of Doors Used by Businesses in Illinois and Indiana


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Businesses throughout the states of Illinois and Indiana have very different door needs than do homeowners in these states. For example, businesses may need large garage doors and dock levelers for moving equipment and goods, automatic revolving or sliding doors for directing foot traffic, or accordion doors for sectioning offer parts of a business.

Some door types are more efficient than others, although each provides a unique purpose. Consider some of these most commonly used types of doors for commercial business in Illinois and Indiana. If you are in need of commercial door installation services, contact us today–

Automatic Pedestrian Doors

Just as their name implies, automatic pedestrian doors are entryway doors to a business that allow consumer to enter and exit a business efficiently. There are multiple types of automatic pedestrian doors, including:

  • Bi-fold doors;
  • Sliding doors;
  • Swinging doors; and
  • Revolving doors.

Of these types, revolving doors. Of these types, revolving doors are often considered the superior option, as they are both efficient for directing traffic and extremely energy efficient too.

Rolling Doors

Many businesses have needs that extend well beyond how a consumer will enter their property. For many types of industries, rolling doors are a necessity. At Preferred Window and Door, we provide commercial door installation and repair of all rolling door types, including aluminum rolling shutters, counter shutters, fire doors, rolling grills, and rolling steel doors.

Office Doors

Those businesses that use professional offices need doors to provide privacy for conference rooms, workspaces, and the like. To encourage open dialogue and collaboration, many business offices are making the switch to glass office doors and glass wall office systems, both of which we can install, maintain, and repair.

Other Entrance and Speciality Doors

The door types listed above are some of the most common that we install and repair in Indiana and Illinois, but they are not the only types of doors that are used. Other entrance and speciality door systems including accordion doors, hangar doors, aluminum doors, steel doors, and air curtains (not really a door, but an effective addition to a door).

Is Your Business in Need of New Doors?

If you own a business in Illinois or Indiana and have been thinking about new door installation, our team at Preferred Window  and Door can help. We are one of the oldest commercial door companies in both states, and have experience in all types of commercial door installations and repairs.

To learn more about the door types we offer and why we’re the best commercial door company to work with, contact us today. You can write us a brief message using the form on our website, or you can call us directly at 708-895-3667.

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