Create a Spectacular Space Outside Without Much Work


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All homeowners want an outdoor retreat that looks great and adds to their curb appeal. There are those who revel in yard work and sport a green thumb. But what if you are someone who hates weeding and watering and struggles with keeping greenery alive? There are still easy ways to refresh your space while not adding to your workload.

Check out these ideas:

Cut out green: Adding pavers eliminates grass to maintain and can add functionality by creating walkways or entertaining space.

A step up: Raised beds can compartmentalize planting space to help control growth while offering an elevated platform to weed from, so there is not as much bending. They will become a design element to your property.

A fresh coat: You can update your space by painting structures, such as fences or sheds. Consider pastel blues or greens or a bold look with black.

Pots of gold: Potted plants can be an easy way to add greenery without the work. There will not be a need for lots of weeding and they are portable, so you can change up your look as often as you want.

Multi-tasking material: Mulch can be added around your trees and other landscaping areas in a variety of colors. Mulch works to keep weeds at bay as well as will break down to feed your plants.

More than a campfire: Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces add a special element to bring your family and friends together. Today’s fire features go way beyond the basic campfire.

Light the way: Solar and LED choices can bring the spotlight to your oasis when the sun sets and extend your time to enjoy the outdoors.

Room with a view: If you are putting together a unique place to gather, a pergola of wood or composite material adds a sophisticated twist. Under the pergola, outdoor furniture, fire feature or sound system makes a perfect retreat.

A Beautiful View From the Inside Out With New Windows

Now that you have worked to create your charming space outside, you want to enjoy it! When you can’t be out in your space, you can have a great view of it with new windows. At Preferred Window and Door, our trained and talented team has been installing, repairing and helping maintain windows since opening in 1994. We work with all styles such as slider, picture, double hung, casement and bay windows.

If your windows just need an update, we can help with that as well. We fix and repair issues that you may be facing. Cracks in your glass panes are unsightly and can be dangerous. We can replace glass panels in all types of windows and even offer emergency services when they are needed.

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