Dock Leveler Safety – Keep Everyone Protected


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For many commercial businesses, dock levelers are a key part of moving large shipments and goods. But, like all large pieces of machinery, dock levelers can be dangerous, too. Here are a few tips to make sure that those in the workplace are protected when it comes to dock leveler use:

  1. Do Not Go At It Alone

A single individual should never be responsible for loading/unloading goods alone; there are too many risks involved. Instead, make sure that there are always at least two people. This is very important when a truck is backing up to a loading dock, as a spotter can be an essential safety component. A spotter can also be used during the actual loading/unloading process, guiding others in how high the dock should be lifted to avoid obstacles.

  1. Keep Everyone – and Everything – Clear During Loading and Unloading

Dock levelers are used to move extremely heavy and large items. These items, based on their weight alone, can be extremely dangerous. A dock leveler, with its moving parts, can also pose the risk of crush injuries and caught in/in-between injuries. To mitigate any risks that are associated with loading and unloading, it is best to keep the space clear of any obstacles, objects, or extra people. Only the operator and the spotter should be near the loading/unloading site; everyone else should stay clear.

  1. Take Action to Avoid a Back-up Accident

Some of the most devastating loading and unloading accidents occur when a large truck is backing up to the loading dock; if someone or something is in the way, the results can be catastrophic, causing property damage at best and personal injury at worst. A tip to make backing up more safe is to add chock blocks to the area before the loading dock, signaling where a truck should stop. Adding extra mirrors to help an operator see, as well as bumpers, is also advised.

  1. Make Sure Your Dock Leveler Is Maintained

A poorly maintained dock leveler – or one that is malfunctioning and is not fixed – is a serious risk to workers. If your dock level is in need of repairs, seek them; if your dock leveler is outdated, consider dock leveler replacement.

Dock Leveler Specialists in South Cook and Lake Counties

A dock leveler is an important part of your business, and improves your company’s efficiency. At Preferred Window & Door, we are trained in all dock leveler repairs and service needs, and have emergency technicians on call who can help you get your dock leveler up to par in no time at all. To request a free quote, contact us today at 708-895-3667.

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