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Don’t Overlook These Updates When Remodeling

26 Sep

Don’t Overlook These Updates When Remodeling

Posted Residential Doors

When planning a home improvement project, the design choices, and the costs, sometimes seem endless. But don’t forget about your doors and windows when planning a refresh to your space! These sometimes overlooked items can improve both the look and the functionality of your home. 

Here are some important tips and tricks to help lead you along a stress-free path toward a brand new look. The top rooms targeted for home improvement projects are the kitchen and bathrooms, as these can give you the most bang for your buck, so we’ll focus on these areas.

Bathroom Blueprint

Game plan: Before you begin any work, make sure that you have a specific plan for exactly what you want to accomplish, and an idea of your budget. Windows and doors are easily forgotten when budgeting for an interior remodel but can have a huge impact on the comfort level in these rooms. Once the project begins, extra costs are almost inevitable, so you want to make sure that major expenses are covered. If you need help with these costs, remember that a reputable door and window dealer should offer you a free estimate.

Measurements: If your renovation project involves reconstructing an entire wall, be sure to check that the size and position of the current window will still fit the space. Consider how it will be placed in relation to amenities within your bathroom, and if the size is appropriate. Adding a larger window can increase sunlight and change the appearance of many small rooms.

Window styles: Decide on the type of window you want. You can install a fogged glass or vinyl block window for even more privacy, both of which are excellent and popular options for bathrooms! 

Necessary ventilation: Having proper ventilation is vital to keep out mold and mildew by controlling humidity. The steam in your bathroom can easily condensate on your windows, which can facilitate mold growth. 

Kitchen Refresh

Stay in style: Your kitchen’s look has a huge impact on the overall look of your home. Windows and doors have trends just like other aspects of your home. Make sure that you are incorporating the updates into your home’s current style and character to avoid inconsistency.

Patio consideration: For many homes, the patio is adjacent to the kitchen. If this is true for you, consider what kind of patio door would work best for your home. You might want to get a French door or a sliding door. There are plenty of options available: it’s a matter of finding the one that you like best!

Light the way: Consider how windows can be strategically placed to maximize natural lighting. You might want to add a window to an empty outside wall or replace the window above your sink with a larger one. A garden window is a great solution if your space is limited.

Colors: When thinking about what windows you will install, also consider the colors you’d like to highlight. Wooden frames can be painted to your liking, or you can have vinyl frames that have a set color. 

Door Updates for Any Room

No matter what room you are targeting for a facelift, a new interior door can add a sophisticated finishing touch. We work with both exterior and interior doors in all sorts of styles. Our trained and certified experts will be a guide in your choice and professionally install your selection.

We’re happy to help you with your home improvement project! The experienced team at Preferred Window and Door will bring samples to your home or business, to make choosing your new windows and doors a breeze. Talk to us today by calling our office or schedule your appointment now through our online form.


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