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The Effects of Cold Weather on Your Home’s Windows, Doors, and Comfort

30 Jan

The Effects of Cold Weather on Your Home’s Windows, Doors, and Comfort

Posted Garage Door Installation

Most people who live in the states of Illinois and Indiana will tell you that winter is not their favorite season. Not only are the days shorter and the temperatures biting, but winter weather can also take its toll on a home’s windows, doors, and overall comfort, too. Here are some of the most common issues we see in the wintertime for windows and doors, and some potential fixes, most of which are DIY and affordable–

Ice on the Inside of Windows

While it isn’t common in newer homes and only happens when the temperatures really drop, ice on the inside of windows is a possibility. This is caused by condensation on the windows (which in itself can be a problem), which freezes because temperatures are too cold.


Drafts on windows and doors are one of the biggest cold-weather problems for home and business owners in Illinois and Indiana, and can have a huge effect on the level of comfort within your home, leaving it cold even when the heat is cranking. Not only is this a downside for comfort, but drafts and cold air seeping into your home also drive you electricity bill up, too.

Moisture and Water Damage

When ice finds its way indoors or near cracks or seals that aren’t really sealed, such as around a window, door, or garage door, it melts when temperatures increase again. This can be a problem, as all that water can get inside, leading to moisture damage. This can be particularly concerning around wood, which can mold and rot as a result. It can also cause moving parts on a garage door to rust, putting them at risk of a shorter lifespan.

What to Do to Solve Cold Weather Home Blues

Luckily, your home doesn’t have to take a beating just because it’s cold outside. Tips for getting the best of winter weather include:

  • Weatherstrip your windows, doors, and garage door;

  • Insulate your windows using a plastic film;

  • Increase ventilation by using ventilation fans, especially in high-moisture areas like the bathroom; and

  • Install new windows and doors that have better insulation, are leak-free, and are more energy efficient.

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