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Homeowners that want to save money on energy bills, help the environment, and add beauty and value to their home, may want to consider replacing their current front door with an energy efficient exterior entry door. Today’s entry doors are crafted from energy efficient materials such as steel and fiberglass. Many incorporate polyurethane insulation as well. Energy efficient doors receive energy star certification from the Environmental Protection Agency. This certification allows consumers to make smart choices when it comes to choosing products, such as doors that are environmentally friendly and provide the purchaser with savings on their monthly energy bills.

Steel Entry Doors and Fiberglass Entry Doors offer the greatest benefit to homeowners looking to maximize energy efficiency

These doors offer R-Values (thermal resistance) up to R-6. However, once a window is added to the door design the R-Value will be reduced. Wooden doors simply can’t match the efficiency of these modern fiberglass and steel Doors. A wooden door of the same size as a windowless fiberglass entry door can be up to 5 times less efficient. While wooden doors are beautiful, if you are looking to have the most energy efficient home possible, you will want to go with either steel or fiberglass. This does not mean that you have to sacrifice beauty though. New technologies have greatly improved the appearance of both steel entry doors and fiberglass entry doors. Steel can mimic the look of wood through the stamping of a wood grain, while fiberglass can be molded with a wood grain. So you can be certain to receive an entry door that will also add beauty, as well as energy efficiency.

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