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Entry Door Repair

02 Aug

Entry Door Repair

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Squeaks and drafts can be repaired by the do-it-yourselfer.

Is there any doorway in your home that is more important than your front door? The entry doors of your home welcome your guests, protect your home’s interior from the elements, and provide added beauty to the exterior of your home. However, as time goes by your entry door may begin to function improperly. There are several reasons why your door may not be working as designed, such as years of use and abuse, or your home settling and causing the door to malfunction. Before you consider installing a replacement entry door, there are a few things you can try. Depending on your level of skill, and your comfort level, you may be able to fix your door yourself and save some money.

Is your entry door sticking when you open it? A couple of different remedies may be tried to alleviate the problem. Try cleaning your door hinges. Also, clean the edges of the door that fit into the door frame. If this does not solve the problem, try adjusting the door hinges. Also, if your door is made of wood, you can sand the edges to create a better fit within the frame that will result in smoother operation.

If your door is squeaking when it is being opened and closed, apply lubricant to the hinges. This will eliminate the sound, and also provide easier opening and closing of the door. Finally, if you feel that air is infiltrating your home through the perimeter of your doorframe, you can eliminate the draft and save on heating and cooling by re-caulking the frame, and applying new weather stripping.

If you find that these solutions don’t work for you, then contact the professional entry door technicians at Preferred Window and Door in Lynwood, Illinois. They have been repairing and installing new entry doors in Lansing, IL, the southern Chicago suburbs and N.W. Indiana since 1994. Click to learn more about entry doors or call us at 708-251-4883 or 219-595-9680.


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