FAQ: What Type of Door Should I Choose for My Back Porch or Patio?


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Having a patio or back porch is one of the nicest parts of owning a home. Nothing beats a morning cup of coffee outside with the paper, a cold beverage on a hot summer day, or an outdoor dinner or barbeque with friends or family. Which is why if you have a patio in Illinois or Indiana, you want access to the patio that is functional, attractive, and durable. At Preferred Window and Door, we have a huge selection of patio and porch doors to choose from which offer a number of different benefits and features. For new patio door installation, or patio door repair or maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, here is some information about the different types of patio doors, and what you should consider for your home–

Types of Patio Doors

There are multiple different types of patio doors, including swinging, double swinging, sliding, and rolling screen.

Sliding and rolling screen doors are ideal for those homeowners who want to maximize space, as these doors take up little room, opening in a single plane, rather than swinging wide like a traditional door. Swinging and double swinging doors, on the other hand, are perfect for those homeowners who want to make a statement, as these doors can be beautiful to look at. A screen door as an additional feature is nice, regardless of primary door type, for those homeowners who want to leave the door open and let fresh air in and out without worrying about pests and bugs.

Things to Think About When Buying a Patio Door

If you are thinking about buying a new patio door, you have a number of things to consider first. You should think about:

  • Your budget;
  • The amount of space you have;
  • Your needs (how often do you use the doors, do you plan to leave the doors open, etc.); and
  • Your style.

In some cases, your choice of patio door may be based on the amount of space you have (i.e. how big is the existing door frame). At Preferred Window and Door, we can also cut new patio doors for homeowners who don’t have an existing frame in place.

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Enjoying the outdoors is fantastic, and having a porch or patio that’s easily accessible is ideal. At Preferred Window and Door, we have been helping residential homeowners select the right patio doors for them for more than two decades, and have specialized in new door installation, maintenance, and door repairs over that time period as well. If you have questions about what type of porch or patio door is right for you, or if you’re ready to start the new door installation process today, contact us. You can reach us online or by phone to get started!

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