Fiberglass New Windows Offer Benefits Of Wood At Affordable Prices


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When homeowners want the look of wood without the high price, they choose fiberglass new windows.

Everyone loves the classic look of wood windows. They offer appealing aesthetics, as well as good insulating value. The problem is, new windows made of wood are terribly expensive. However, if your budget for new windows lies between the low prices of vinyl windows and the premium prices of wood windows, you may want to consider installing fiberglass windows.

Fiberglass New Windows Offer Incredible Durability
Wood windows have problems with moisture. It is no secret. Fiberglass new windows do not have these issues. Modern advancements in this composite material provide greater resistance to fading, warping, and extreme temperatures – not to mention resistance to dents and scratches

Many Design Choices
One drawback of vinyl windows is that they usually are only available in a few colors such as white, almond and brown. This is not the case with fiberglass new windows. With fiberglass, you will have more color choices and you can paint them any color you choose.

Energy Efficiency
Fiberglass new windows offer increased energy efficiency over wood. This is especially true of windows that have foam-insulated frames. Wood windows offer decent efficiency, but they simply can’t match the performance of fiberglass new windows.

Homeowners that choose to install new windows manufactured from fiberglass benefit in many ways. These new windows offer increased efficiency and a vast array of design options when it comes to colors. When you want the look of wood, with the insulating performance of vinyl, fiberglass windows can be a great option. If you are looking to have new windows installed on your Calumet City, IL home, contact the window installation specialists at Preferred Window and Door. They have been installing new windows in the Glenwood, IL area, the southern Chicago suburbs, and N.W. Indiana since 1994. For more information, call us at (708) 895-3667.

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