From Garage Door Repair to Garage Door Installations, There’s a lot to Consider.


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The garage door on your home can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on the operating condition it is in. If you have just purchased a brand new home, you are probably quite happy with your garage door and honestly probably don’t give it much thought. You are in the honeymoon phase of garage door ownership. It’s a nice phase, but sooner or later you’ll probably need to seek some sort of garage door repair or divorce the door altogether and install a new one. Once the honeymoon is over, it may be time to call a professional out to determine if you need a garage door repair or if you will be looking for new door altogether.

Garage Door Repair

While garage door repair can sometimes be expensive there a few things that a homeowner can do themselves that will save them a few bucks. If your door won’t open or close, there are a few things that every homeowner should try before they pick up the phone. Just remember not to panic and that repeatedly pushing the button on your remote will not magically open it.

If Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open Or Close Try These Tips

Remote control batteries: Sometimes the problem is the most obvious. Garage doors that use wireless remote openers use batteries, and these batteries need to be replaced from time to time. Simply pop some new ones in and see if the door begins to work again

Remove objects from the path of the motion detection system: Many times when a garage door won’t close, it is because there is an obstacle blocking the “eyes” on your motion detection system. These sensors are located at the bottom of the tracks on both sides of the door. Remove any offending objects and try the door again.

Check the manual operation cord:On your garage door there is a cord that when pulled, will prevent the garage door opener from opening the door. If you are pushing your remote button and you hear the opener running but the door is not moving, this could be the problem. The cord is located by the opener and hangs down. Simply check that it is engaged and try the door again

Check your garage door opener:Check to see that the unit in your garage is receiving power. Sometimes circuit breakers can trip or the unit has been unplugged. Simply check and reset any tripped breakers and make sure the unit is plugged in.

If these basic trouble shooting tips don’t solve your garage door problem, it’s time to give the professionals at Preferred Window and Door a call. It is imperative that you don’t try to perform dangerous repairs yourself. Just because you have watched a video on You Tube entitled “How to Replace your Garage Door Spring,” doesn’t mean you should do it yourself. Save yourself the frustration and the possibility of serious injury that is associated with the replacement of garage door springs. Regardless of whether your garage uses torsion springs or extension springs, replacing them yourself can result in property damage and bodily harm if fooled with by the hands of the untrained.

If you believe that you have a broken garage door spring, call a professional garage door technician. If your door is having trouble opening, or is not opening all of the way, these are some signs associated with a damaged spring. Call a pro and spend the money on the repair. It is guaranteed that a spring replacement is cheaper than a trip to a hospital.

Garage Door Installation

Sometimes it’s just not worth repairing an old door. While it is tempting to be cheap and just pay the bare minimum to keep your garage door operating, it is only a matter of time until all the nickel and diming adds up to the price of a new door. Instead of looking at installing a new garage door as a hassle, you should view it as a chance to upgrade to something better. Many new innovations and technologies make it an exciting time to be in need of garage door replacement. Here are a few things to consider when buying a new garage door.

What Type of Garage Door Opener Is Best

There are many different makes and models of openers available today. You will want to choose an opener with a drive system that best suits your needs. Belt driven garage door openers offer whisper quiet operation, while screw driven models offer worry free dependable operation, and chain driven garage door openers offer great value and affordability. You can choose a basic chain driven model or a Garage door opening system from Liftmaster that incorporates Internet connection technology that allows homeowners to open and close their door from any Internet connected device. It all depends on what you are willing to pay and what features you want your opener to have.

What kind of Garage Door Best

Once again the kind of garage door you purchase will depend entirely on budget and personal taste. Whether you want a beautiful wooden garage door or a door that is made out steel, your decision will be based on the features that best serve your needs


Wooden garage doors are beautiful, but they are expensive and require a lot of maintenance. Aluminum garage doors and lower grade steel garage doors are very affordable, but they can be susceptible to dents. High grade steel doors are the most popular choice because they are still affordable, stand up to the abuse of everyday life, and require very little maintenance.


There are many styles to choose from with garage doors. The configuration of materials is endless. Some people prefer a carriage house style door with windows and fake hinges that add a very pleasing look to the exterior of their home, while others stay with the affordable steel door without windows. It’s all about your budget once again. So be sure to pick a style that you will like because a good garage door will last a very long time.

Preferred Window and Door of Lynwood, Illinois has been performing garage door repairs and installing garage door openers and garage doors in the southern Chicago suburbs and N.W. Indiana since 1994. So if you are looking for a garage door repair in Lynwood, garage door installation in Lynwood, overhead garage door repair in Lansing, or garage doors in Lynwood, Preferred can provide you with affordable pricing and outstanding customer service. To learn vvmore please visit our website or call us at (708) 895-3667.

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