Three Garage Door Maintenance Basics


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If you are the owner of a home with a garage, you probably already know that performing regular maintenance on your garage door is an important part of maintaining its longevity and safety. Whether you decide to hire a professional or do it yourself, here are three basic garage door maintenance musts that should not be overlooked:

  1. Inspect Your Rollers & Moving Parts

Inspecting your rollers and other moving components of the garage door is one of the most important things that you can do. Open your garage – as you do so, look and listen for anything abnormal, like squeaking noises, clanking, or shaking. Even if you do not notice anything out of the ordinary, it is a good idea to inspect your rollers up close, and replace them if they look worn. Furthermore, give all of your moving parts a good rub down with a lubricant, but don’t over do it; too much lubricant can lead to grease buildup.

  1. Perform Monthly Auto-Reverse Checks

You should take the time once per month to check your garage door’s automatic reversal systems. You can do this by placing a solid object on the ground in the way of your garage door’s closing spot (i.e., on the ground where the garage door will hit upon closing). The minute that the garage door touches the object, it should reverse; if it does not, something is wrong. You also want to check your garage door’s auto-reverse sensors by closing the garage door and waving an object in front of the sensor. Again, the garage door should automatically reverse. If it does not, you need to have it repaired immediately.

  1. Replace Your Weather Stripping

For those living in Lake County, South Cook County, and the Chicago area in general, good weather stripping is essential. Not only will good weather stripping help to keep your garage insulated—conserving heat and energy—but it will also prevent moisture from entering the garage. When moisture does enter a garage, it can easily freeze during the coldest months of the year, especially when overnight temperatures drop. In turn, this can result in a garage that won’t open – a major hassle.

Get Your Garage Door Assessed Today

If you’re not sure how to perform maintenance on your garage door alone, don’t worry about it; a garage door professional can provide you with an assessment, maintenance, and let you know if you’re in need of any repairs. At Preferred Window & Door, we’re ready to speak with you today. Call us now for a free quote and to schedule your annual garage door maintenance at 708-895-3667.

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