Garage Door Repair: Winter’s the Perfect Time


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During the wintertime in the harsh cold of South Cook County, Illinois and Lake County, Indiana, garage doors often take a heavy toll. And without proper maintenance year round, including in the wintertime, garage doors may be in need of repair as soon as the snow—or often before—starts to melt. At Preferred Window & Door, we specialize in commercial and residential garage door repairs.

How to Know Your Garage Door Is in Need of Repair

Outside of the obvious – a garage door refusing to open or close – there are many other signs to look for that many indicate that it is time for garage door repair, for both homeowners and those who run commercial businesses. Signs that your garage door needs the servicing of a professional include:

  • Strange sounds coming from garage door parts, like grinding, clicking, or whirring noises;
  • Shakiness or friction when opening and closing;
  • Physical decay of the garage door, noticeable by rot or cracks;
  • Signs of rust;
  • Frayed suspension cables;
  • Broken glass of garage door windows;
  • Major dents or damage to a garage door; and
  • The garage door’s automatic stopping and reversal systems are not working.

If you notice any of the problems above, it is important that you seek garage door repairs in a timely manner. While some of the issues above may just be inconvenient, others can be extremely dangerous, and may increase the risk of an accident occurring. Further, failing to repair garage door problems early on may lead to costly repairs or garage door replacement at a later date.

Garage Door Repair Services We Offer

At Preferred Window & Door, we offer myriad garage door repair services for those in the South Cook County and Lake County areas. These include the following repairs: springs, cables, rollers, tracks, sections, panels, and windows. We can also repair a garage door opener that is not working or is behaving erratically, and specialize in garage door remodeling and reframing as well. If you have a commercial garage door, we can perform important tests to ensure the utmost safety of the garage door, and also offer year-round maintenance services as well.

A Garage Door Repair Specialist You Can Trust

Preferred Window & Door has been serving the Illinois and Indiana communities for more than two decades. Over that time, we have refined our commitment to high quality service, always using the best parts and practices, and putting customer satisfaction above all else. For commercial businesses, we understand the importance of your business being in compliance with OSHA and UL325 standards, and will make sure that your garage door meets all necessary criteria.

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