Why Your Garage Door May Be a Safety Hazard


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The garage door is something that most homeowners in South Cook County and Lake County do not give too much thought to; it’s a tool that opens and closes, allowing entry and keeping valuables protected. Because it is often not prioritized, garage doors often go far too long without essential maintenance and repairs. When this happens, a garage door creates a safety hazard for you and your family – a garage door that is broken or poorly maintained may fall, causing an injury, or may descend without reversing when something is in the way. Here are some signs that your garage may be a safety hazard and is in need of servicing:

It Won’t Open or Close

If your garage door will not open or close, there’s something wrong. Rather than forcing it – which can be dangerous – take a look at the track. Is something blocking the garage from moving? If you do not see anything visible, it may be jammed machinery or faulty wiring.

It’s Shaky

Another sign that something is amiss is a garage door that shakes and wobbles on its ascent or descent. Usually, this means that there is something going on with the track, including the possibility of loose parts. Loose parts on a garage door are incredibly dangerous, and if they give way, a door may come crashing down, causing both property damage and serious injury to anyone in the way.

It’s Rusted or Dented

Rust and dents are not just an eyesore that may reduce your home’s curb appeal; they can be dangerous, too. Rust is a sign of corrosion, and when a garage door or its parts are severely rusted, they are more likely to break, posing a risk. A dented garage door is also dangerous because it can interfere with a garage’s alignment.

It’s Just Plain Old

If it has been years and years since your garage door has been replaced, its age alone could be putting you at risk. Most garage doors last between 10 and 20 years – after this, garage door replacement may make more sense than garage door repair.

Keep in mind that in addition to physical dangers, like a garage door falling, a broken or old garage door may also make a home more vulnerable to break-ins. Remember, the garage door is an entryway to the inside of your home – do not fall victim to a preventable security breach.

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