Garage Door Technology Cooler than Ever Before


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Most people think of a garage as nothing more than a place to store their vehicle, and as a garage door as nothing more than an entry point for doing that exactly. But in recent years, garage and garage door technology has evolved rapidly, and today, there are a number of products out there designed to transform this otherwise boring area into a “smart” one. While once thought of as the garage door of the future, here are some thing that you may consider upgrading in regards to your own garage door:

Control of Garage Door Via Smartphone

Smartphones can be used to control nearly everything in the home these days, from the lights to security systems and more. But smartphone technology has also been introduced to garages; now, a garage door can be manufactured or upgraded with specific hardware and software that allows you to open or close a garage door using an app on your smartphone. In fact, you can even monitor what’s going on in your garage – including whether or not the door is open or closed – from your phone!

The Best in Garage Door Materials

You probably don’t think much about the material of your garage door; after all, it’s just a door, right? The truth is, thousands of hours’ worth of time and resources are allocated by scientists and engineers into creating the best garage doors possible. New garage doors are pretty fantastic, with features such as:

  • Design and manufacturer from recycled, eco-friendly materials to reduce your carbon footprint;
  • Manufactured using PVC fiberglass, which has been designed to resist sunlight and moisture, extending longevity; and
  • Other eco-friendly designs, ranging from the materials used to build the door to the lifecycle of the garage door to its wind-resistance and more.

Changes to Garage Door Controls’ Signal Sending

An automatic garage door opener works by sending a signal from the remote to the garage door, which forces it to open or close. Typically, this code has been a fixed, two-digit number. The problem with a fixed code is that recently, criminals have found out that this code is easy to hack using very unsophisticated technology, allowing thieves to open garage doors and potentially even gain access to homes. Today, new technology is being created to prevent hacking, starting with a rolling code system that changes the two digits every time that they’re used. Other, more advanced technology is likely on the way.

Ready to Upgrade Your Garage Door?

If you are ready to upgrade your garage door and are interested in learning more about how you can improve your home’s security, eco-friendliness, or even make things more convenient for you, contact our team at Preferred Window & Door today. We have the garage door experience and skills that you’re looking for, and have been in the business for over two decades. Contact us today online or by phone to get in touch.

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