What Your Garage Door Says About You


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When it comes to exterior home improvement projects, the garage door often doesn’t even make the list! Homeowners tend to focus on landscaping, porches and front doors, while the garage door often gets ignored. By adding your door to your to-do-list, you can make a large impact on your home’s look and feel.

Why your garage door shouldn’t be forgotten:

Key curb appeal: While often out-of-mind, your garage door takes up a large part of your home’s front and can add or subtract from your home’s curb appeal and overall look. Garage doors can be way more than functional and can be a fashionable part of your exterior.

Style selection: So many style choices allow for homeowners to really let their personalities shine through by choosing doors that enhance their homes and grounds. We offer a variety of styles in garage door types such as steel, wood, overhead and carriage house.

Worth the investment: The boost that a new and stylish door gives your home is undeniable. If you decide to sell your home, you can expect a great Return On Investment.

Security: A garage door goes beyond looks and offers you a sense of safety and security as it is an access point to your home. A properly fitting and functioning door creates the seal you need.

A New Door, A New Look

Believe it or not, your garage door is one of the most used doors in your home! Make sure it is new and updated by connecting with us on our offerings. We have the looks and materials that you are wanting for your garage door. For example, our steel door selection includes raised and recessed panels and traditional or stamped carriage offerings. Any one of our styles will fit what you are looking for. Beauty can be found in this functional part of your home!

Serving You With Top-Notch Customer Service

At Preferred Window and Door, we offer fast and professional installation of garage doors. Our installation team is made up of our own employees as we do not use subcontractors. Tenets of our customer service include arriving on time to your job with everything we need. We do our best to work with your schedule and always clean our work area in order to leave you with a completed job, your home and day and we leave behind a clean work area.

We have been in business since 1994 and work on projects – both big and small – both residential and commercial. In addition to garage door installation, repair, and maintenance, we also work on all types of windows and doors.

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