Keep Your Home At Steady Temperatures During Extreme Weather


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Living in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region, only one thing is for sure about the weather: It’s unpredictable. In the winter, you can expect arctic temperatures and in the summer, you can expect intense heat and humidity. Whether it is at one end of the temperature spectrum or the other, there are key ways you can keep your home safe and cozy (or cool)!

During the winter days, below-zero temperatures and wind chills are part of life here in the region. When especially cold weather hits, there are steps you can take to remain warm.

Seal it up: Make sure that your windows are locked up tight as cool air can creep in. Also, keep your garage door closed as another way to cut back on drafts.

Furnace efficiency: An inspection by an HVAC professional is important to keep your furnace working properly. Change your filter during extreme weather, and if you are out of filters, you can run your system without a filter to ensure it doesn’t get overworked.

Pipe concerns: Freezing or bursting pipes can occur when temperatures drop. Letting water trickle from faucets and opening cabinet doors under your sinks can help keep it flowing.

Space heater safety: Using a space heater can boost the temperatures in your most-used rooms, but make sure they are being used appropriately and safely. Plug your heater directly into an outlet and unplug it when it’s not in use.

When it’s extremely cold, it’s hard to believe that it will turn around and become extremely hot, but as region residents, we know that is true! There are simple ways to help keep your place cooler when it’s sweltering outside.

Close up your home: Shutting curtains and blinds will cut back on heat seeping in as well as the sun blazing through your windows and creating a sort of “greenhouse” effect.

Outdoor grilling: Taking your cooking outside will help keep your kitchen and home cool. Grilling and stovetop cooking will keep your oven off. You don’t want to add any more heat by turning on your oven.

Add a dehumidifier: Removing humidity from your home will help it feel cooler.

Windows Can Help No Matter What The Weather Is Outside

Our team of professionals can help with your windows! Windows can be a source of leaks – whether it’s cold or hot air. We offer repair services for homeowners, including on an emergency basis. Our technicians will come out to assist you – never subcontractors.

If repairs are not enough, we can discuss the best new window options for your home and style. We work with slider, bay, bow, picture, casement and double hung replacement windows. Energy efficiency is optimized when you have the best windows for your home.

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