How to Keep Your Home Warm and Your Utility Bills Down


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Fall is officially here, which means colorful leaves, bonfires, pumpkin flavored everything and cooling temperatures. Winter is not too far behind and snow and frigid weather will be here in no time. Some good news is that overall, winter across the country is anticipated to be much less harsh as opposed to last year.

Heating up your home is very expensive in the Chicagoland area, and escaping heat out of windows and doors is nothing to mess with. Fall is the perfect time for home improvement projects to help prepare your home for the upcoming winter weather. Here are a few tips to help lower those energy bills.

Add storm windows and doors: Adding storm windows and doors to old windows can help seal in the heat. If you don’t have store windows, you should contemplate adding them or at least buying a DIY insulation film kit. It makes a huge difference.

Add rugs on wooden floors: This not only creates insulation but also is much more comfortable and warmer to walk on.

Close off your fireplace: You can install glass doors to close off this opening. If the fireplace is left open, warm air can escape from the chimney and cold air can come through.

Insulation: Over time, insulation deteriorates. Adding more insulation in the attic can greatly decrease your energy costs during the winter, especially if the attic was insulated more than 20 years ago. Insulating other places in your home such as crawl spaces and basements can also help.

Ceiling fans: Running your fans in reverse circulates the warm air around the room and can help keep a room’s temperature up.

Caulk and seal cracks and holes: If there are cracks near your windows, warm air is being let out and cold air is being let in. Caulk wears down over time and needs to be redone to ensure a complete seal. Also, you should be sure to check for any holes both inside and outside that need to be fixed.

Wrap up your water heater: Covering up your water heater helps keep the water inside form losing heat and helps keep it hotter for a longer period of time. Water heater blankets can be purchased at hardware stores and can help reduce your energy bill by a good amount.

Decrease water temp: Lowering your water heater temperature from 140 to 120 has a very little if not zero effect on your water. 120 is also the recommended number for it to be set on.

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