Getting Your Home’s Exterior, Grounds Ready For Colder Weather


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As cooler nights and shorter days are replacing the dog days of summer, it’s time to confront tasks to prepare your home’s exterior for fall and winter. Block off a couple hours on a weekend afternoon and check off all of the following to-do’s from your check-list.

Summer fun for next season: Start with going through all of your kids’ outdoor toys, pool equipment and gear. Toss what’s old and beat up, donate what your family doesn’t need anymore and store in your shed or garage what you are keeping for next year.

Garden hose hang-up: You won’t need those outdoor hoses until the weather warms back up! Detach them from outdoor faucets, drain them and wind them up to be stored. Shutting off outdoor water supply valves is also a good idea.

Get a look at your gutters: Take a good look at your gutters to see the state as well as clean out debris, leaves, twigs, and other gunk. While you are up on a ladder, take a moment to inspect your roof for cracks, missing pieces, buckling or loose shingles so you can repair these issues before ice and snow start piling up.

A dryer situation: Checking out your dryer’s vent and making sure it isn’t clogged is a vital part of a preventative strategy. A metal duct is safer and sturdier.

Alarm check: If you haven’t made sure your fire alarms are working, now is a good time. Change batteries as needed or replace old units that could fail during the fall and winter.

Plant plan: Late fall is the best time to cut back your trees and plants around your home.

Fireplace prep: If you have a wood fireplace, make sure you have the chimney inspected or cleaned and that you have stockpiled dry firewood for the season.

Inspect seasonal essentials: Clean your mower, sharpen blades and change the oil before storing it for the season. Add fuel stabilizer so your engine is ready to go next year.

Keep Your House Toasty During The Cooler Weather

Part of your seasonal prep may be to install new windows in your home or repair cracks or damaged windows. At Preferred Window & Door, we have licensed and certified window repair specialists who have the know-how to fix issues – both large and small. We provide 24/7 service for emergency issues that pop up.

We also can discuss if repairs are warranted or if it’s time to take on window replacement. Our team can come out to you to detail your project with a free estimate.

New Windows Can Be Found In Our Showroom

Stop by our place at 3280 E. Lincoln Hwy. in Lynwood, IL., to see our selection of windows and doors – both front and garage – for your home. You can also contact us with questions at 708-895-3667 or fill out our online form.

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