Hydraulic Dock Levelers Offer Safety & Convenience Through Automation


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18 Jun

Hydraulic Dock Levelers Offer Safety & Convenience Through Automation

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Whether you are considering replacing a damaged dock leveler, or looking for a dock leveler solution for a new loading dock facility, hydraulic dock levelers offer many benefits over mechanical dock levelers. If safety is a concern of your facility, and of course it is, hydraulic dock leveler systems offer safety features that mechanical dock levelers don’t.  Velocity fuses and hydraulic lip cylinders protect dockworkers during the loading and unloading process, while push button automation allows for quick and reliable performance load after load.


Hydraulic dock leveler systems incorporate a velocity fuse on the main lifting cylinder that prevents the dock leveler, and employees from falling into the pit during the loading process. On mechanical dock levelers, dockworkers must depend on the safety legs to stop a decent into the pit. These safety legs require regular maintenance that if not performed, can lead to a potentially hazardous situation. Automatic lip operation also adds safety to a hydraulic dock leveler, by limiting a dockworkers contact with the lip. On mechanical dock levelers, these lips must be regularly maintained and lubricated to prevent them failing. A broken mechanical dock leveler lip can put dock attendants at risk, and damage trucks or equipment.

The fully automatic operation of a hydraulic dock leveler system provides convenient, push button operation that adds speed and efficiency to any loading dock. These systems provide smooth and reliable deployment truck after truck. Lower maintenance requirements also allow for less down time and cost.

While the initial cost of a hydraulic dock leveler system is higher than that of a mechanical dock leveler, their safety, speed and low maintenance requirements provide better savings in the long term.

Preferred Window And Door of Lynwood, Illinois has been installing, maintaining, and repairing dock leveler systems since 1994. Preferred provides inspections, and maintenance for all dock leveler systems and proudly carries all Nordock dock products. For a FREE dock leveler installation estimate visit our website or call us at (708) 895-3667.


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