The Importance of Revolving Door Maintenance


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For organizations and businesses that have revolving doors as part of their businesses’ entryways, understanding how revolving doors work and the importance of routine maintenance is critical. Indeed, without regular maintenance, revolving doors may suffer more frequent breakdowns and require repairs. If you want to avoid constant revolving door repairs, here are some important maintenance tips to keep in mind–

Maintain a Maintenance Checklist

A great checklist provided by Stanley Access lists the number of things that need to be checked on a revolving door. These things should be assessed at least once per year, if not more frequently. The more use that your revolving doors get, the more frequently they should be checked. Some of the basics on the checklist (but by no means the entire list), include:

  • Noise;
  • Roll-in rubbers;
  • Direction switch;
  • Door wings;
  • Curved side walls;
  • In-Torq brake;
  • Locking wedge operation; and
  • More.

If these things sound unfamiliar to you, don’t attempt a revolving door inspection on your own! Instead, call a professional who is familiar with proper revolving door operation who can help you ensure things are functioning properly.

Replace Weatherstripping

One basic revolving door maintenance must is the replacement of weatherstripping. Again, this should be done approximately once a year. Replacing the weatherstripping is an easy way to keep moisture out of the interior of your business, maintain indoor temperatures, and improve energy efficiency. This also helps to maintain the integrity of the revolving door and reduce problems that are moisture and weather-related, such as decay or rust.

Call a Professional for Inspections

Revolving doors not only require routine maintenance but can also be dangerous when a functional defect exists that goes undetected. For this reason, even if your revolving door isn’t exhibiting any obvious issues, it is a good idea to schedule routine inspections with a certified revolving door maintenance and repair company familiar with OSHA, AAADM, and other revolving door safety standards.

Reach Preferred Window and Door for Revolving Door Repairs or Maintenance Today

At Preferred Window and Door, we want your business to be as safe, efficient, and successful as possible – we know that properly operating revolving doors are part of that. When you call our team, you can count on fast, efficient, and professional maintenance and repair services.

We have been in the business of inspecting, maintaining, and repairing revolving doors for over 20 years and know what we’re doing. We always perform work to standard, never take shortcuts, and always use the best practices and materials.

To schedule a repair or inspection of your revolving doors today, please call us at 708-895-3667 or send us a message today. We look forward to meeting with you!

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