The Importance of Weatherstripping for Grocery Stores and Restaurants


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For commercial businesses and large companies like grocery stores and restaurants in South Cook County, IL and Lake County, IN, taking all steps necessary to conserve energy and reduce utility costs, as well as improve the customer service experience, is a must. One way that you can accomplish both goals at once is to invest in great weatherstripping for your store or restaurant.

What Difference Does Weatherstripping Really Make?

Weatherstripping is extremely important no matter where you live, but in Illinois and Indiana where temperatures often reach extremes, weatherstripping can make a huge difference in comfort and energy expenditures. Weatherstripping helps to:

  • Keep energy bills lower, which can be a huge plus for companies that care about their expenses;
  • Protect the environment by reducing heating and cooling costs;
  • Reduce drafts and enhance customer and employee comfort;
  • Keep out moisture – when moisture makes its way into your place as business as water vapor, it can cause considerable damage over time, including damage and hazards caused by mold and mildew.
  • Keep out unwanted rodents to ensure compliance for Health Department inspections

How Do I Know Which Type of Weatherstripping to Use?

At Preferred Window & Door, we are highly knowledgeable regarding the different types of weatherstripping and which type to use for your grocery store or restaurant business. Some of the most durable types of weatherstripping materials include reinforced foam, silicone, and vinyl – we will choose the material type that will provide the highest level of protection for your business.

How Long Does Weatherstripping Last?

You should check your weatherstripping at least once a year, or call a professional to conduct an assessment on your behalf. Weatherstripping needs to be maintained on a regular basis, and replaced over time. It might be time to replace the weaterstripping in your builiding if you notice a change in the your heating or cooling costs, can feel a noticeable draft when standing near doors, notice inconsistencies in temperature control, or notice indoor moisture.

Contact a Weatherstripping Professional for More Information

At Preferred Window and Door, we know how valuable well-installed and high quality weatherstripping can be for businesses in Indiana and Illinois. If you are the property manager  or owner of a grocery store or restaurant and want to improve clients’ comfort and save money on your utility bills, weatherstripping is the way to go.

To get a free quote and learn more about your weatherstripping options, call our professionals today. You can reach us at 708-895-3667, or contact us online today.

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