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Keeping Your Automatic Doors Open For Business

09 May

Keeping Your Automatic Doors Open For Business

Posted Commercial Doors

Automatic doors provide convenience and accessibility to thousands of businesses, hospitals, schools, and other public buildings throughout Northern Illinois and NW Indiana. We often think nothing of it when we walk into a building and the doors magically open for us. However, we’ve all had that close call when the doors didn’t open, or took too long to open. If you were lucky, you stopped before you ran into a closed door. If you weren’t lucky, hopefully the only thing that got hurt was your pride. Automatic doors provide the public with an easy entrance to your business or building, but without proper maintenance, these doors can malfunction. Malfunctions can deny access to your building, present security problems, or in the worst case scenario, hurt somebody.

When an automatic door malfunctions and will not open, the public will not be able to enter your building easily. For business owners this causes an inconvenience to customers and could lead to a loss of business. On the other hand, if a door won’t shut, you may invite all sorts of trouble into your building. No one wants animals and insects flying through their broken automatic doors, not to mention allowing criminals to enter after hours.

Injuries are another common problem with malfunctioning automatic doors. If the automatic door on your business or building causes an injury to someone, you may be involved in a lawsuit, not to mention losing a customer. Public safety is the most important reason to have automatic door maintenance performed on a regular basis.

Having regular maintenance performed on your automatic doors by a certified AAADM Inspector will help guarantee that your doors will remain open, or closed, when you need them to. For more information on automatic door maintenance plans, automatic door installation, and automatic door repair in Northern Illinois and NW Indiana contact the AAADM Certified Inspector at Preferred Window and Door today at 708-252-4883 or 219-595-9680. For all of your window and door installation needs visit our website


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