Making Sure Your Garage Is Secure Against Weather and Other Threats


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Whether you are protecting a personal residence or a business, the security of your garage door should be a top priority. A lack of garage door security can lead to a break in, damage, injuries, or loss of business profits. Here are some tips for improving your garage door’s security, and ensuring that it can stand up to anything, weather or otherwise.

Beat Harsh Weather Conditions

When weather is severe, it may be strong enough to cause damage to a garage door. When winds reach extremely high speeds, the garage door is the part of the house that is most vulnerable to collapse. To reinforce a garage door against wind, it is important to choose a garage door that meets wind-loading standards.

But wind is not the only thing that can cause damage to a garage; snow and ice can also result in garage door damage, and hail could even cause physical damage to a garage door’s façade. Choosing a steel garage door – and for businesses, a commercial-grade steel door – can help to prevent against any external weather damage.

Ensuring Security Against Thieves

Weather is not your only enemy; your garage may be vulnerable to criminals as well. If you are a homeowner, be sure to perform proper maintenance on your garage regularly – this way, you will be able to identify any vulnerable areas of your garage and correct them before a real problem occurs. If you have a keyless entry system that requires a passcode, be careful with whom you share the entry code, and change the code on a regular basis. Installing automatic lighting systems, and in some cases a security camera, can also help to prevent against a break in.

For commercial properties and commercial garage doors, there are other actions that you should consider taking. A security system surrounding your garage door and any other points of entry is highly recommended. Further, you should consider installing security grills at all major points of entrance, which can deter criminals and prevent them from entering. If your garage door is outdated, you should consider having it replaced; not only may it make your business more dangerous for workers and clients, but it may also make your business more vulnerable to thieves.

Meet with a Garage Door Professional Today

Your family’s and business’s security are no doubt two of the most important things to you. To help protect them both, take action to ensure that your garage door is secure. At Preferred Window & Door, a consultation with us can answer all of your garage door installation, replacement, and security questions. Contact us today to learn more at 708-895-3667.

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